The first ever tearless sweet red onion hits the USA!

“So I don't normally eat raw onions, but, this one is really crunchy, and it has a really good taste to it”

Tina Wilson


The sweetest onion you’ll ever eat – our onions are placed in cold storage immediately after being harvested which allows sugar levels to increase and pyruvic levels to decrease – making them Wicked Sweet!

Proudly grown in the U.S.A. – and we’re the only ones to do it! 

Tearless – you read that right – say goodbye to tears when cutting onions!

So Sweet you can Eat it Raw!

Our Origins

Traditional Red Onions only give the illusion on the first bite that they are sweet before engulfing your mouth with heat and onion breath lasting into the night. After 25 years of personally tasting & evaluating over 400 bulbs/year, Alastair Findlay, and his partners, launched this premier Tearless Red Sweet Onion in the UK in 2015. Forward to 2020, Owyhee Produce and its partnered marketing group, are pleased to unveil a brand new onion commodity to the U.S. and Canada!

Featured Recipes

Available Exclusively December to April.

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